We offer the following payment methods

American Express IMMEDIATELY

  • Amazon Pay: Amazon Pay is an online payment service from Amazon that allows customers to pay in online shops using the payment information from their Amazon account. Customers can use their Amazon payment information to make purchases from other online stores without having to re-enter their payment information. To use Amazon Pay, customers must have an Amazon account and store their payment information in it.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a well-known online payment service that allows customers to send and receive money online. Customers can link their PayPal account to their credit card, bank account, or other payment method, and then use their PayPal account to pay at online stores that accept PayPal. PayPal also offers buyer protection, which protects customers should there be a problem with an order.
  • Klarna: Klarna is a payment service that allows customers to shop online and pay for their orders later. Customers can enter their payment information and complete the order without paying immediately. Klarna handles the payment processing and later sends the customer an invoice that they can pay within a specified period of time.
  • Credit card: Credit cards are widely used means of payment in online commerce. Customers can enter their credit card information to make purchases at online stores. Payment is then processed through the credit card statement and customers can settle their credit card bill accordingly. Credit card payments often also offer buyer protection and enable fast transactions.
  • Shopify Pay: Shopify Pay is a payment service offered by the e-commerce platform Shopify. Customers can store their payment information in their Shopify Pay account and then use their Shopify Pay account to check out at participating online stores that use Shopify. Shopify Pay simplifies the checkout process and speeds up payment processing.
  • Apple Pay: Apple Pay is a mobile payment service from Apple that enables customers to pay in online shops with their Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Customers can store their payment information in their Apple Wallet and then use Apple Pay to pay in participating online shops. Apple Pay also offers an extra layer of security through biometric authentication such as fingerprint or face recognition.
  • giropay: giropay is a German online payment service that enables customers to pay for their purchases directly via their online banking account. Customers are redirected to their online banking and can authorize the payment from their bank account. giropay is widely used in Germany and offers a secure and convenient alternative.
  • Prepayment: Prepayment is a payment method where customers pay the full amount for their order in advance before the goods are shipped. Customers usually receive the payment information, such as bank details or payment reference, and must settle the amount either by bank transfer or other agreed payment methods
  • Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery is a payment method whereby customers pay the amount for their order in cash to the delivery agent upon delivery. This method is rather rare and is usually used for local or national deliveries. Customers should note that COD charges may apply, as the courier usually charges an additional fee to process the payment.
It is important to note that the availability of the above payment methods cannot always be guaranteed. It is advisable to review the payment methods offered during the checkout process and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. It is also important to pay attention to the security of payment methods and choose trustworthy payment providers to ensure the security of personal and financial information.
If you have any questions regarding our payment methods, you can always contact our customer service.